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Pure Spaces. Pure You.


Pure Spaces. Pure You.


Pure Spaces. Pure You.


Pure Spaces. Pure You.

About Pura

Inspired by the vibrant culture of Costa Rica, Pura is a home-grown brand in Abu Dhabi. Personifying and precisely translating to "Pure Life", Pura Vida is the secret enclave for quiet contemplation, peaceful strolls and pure connection with nature.

Pura is an attitude with a pure state of mind that reflects profound gratitude and a true appreciation for nature. It reorients our role in nature and fosters the renewal of our spirit by realizing that less is more. Pura allows you to connect with yourself and with people who share your passion.

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Jubail Island

Surrounded by the prominent landscapes, exotic mangroves, and indigenous wildlife that spans 4,000 hectares with more than 30 kilometers of waterfront, Jubail Island is home to the iconic Jubail Mangrove Park. Explore Abu Dhabi's true essence and let this natural haven boost your spirit like no other. See Jubail Island life by visiting

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Discover our untouched haven in Abu Dhabi - far beyond a glamping experience, at a hidden gem nestled away at Pura Eco Retreat on Jubail Island. Unwind and relax in a child-free environment at our eco-domes or native tents, designed to minimize impact on the environment. Live La Pura Vida over and over again, because sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Minimalist Chic Domes

Unwind at the cozy, spacious and nature-friendly domes adorned with exceptional sourced pieces and locally crafted artwork. Set against a minimalist backdrop and neutral tones.

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Native Tents

Raw and authentic, a hands-on active camping experience. For the nature and adventure seekers looking for a little extra something not far from the city.

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Indulge in a menu of wholesome food made with fresh locally sourced produce and Influenced by the art of fire and sand cooking. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the beach lounge or pool terrace, with breathtaking views of the mangroves at sunrise and sunset. The gastronomic experience is open for retreat guests and non-retreat guests with reservations.

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A holistic take on active holidays, away from the sensory overload of stressful daily to-do lists, disorienting routines and low energy levels.
Everything is possible but non-obligatory, of course. Our active holiday programs, digital detox and exquisite gastronomy combine on-site pampering
and rejuvenation – the best of both worlds! Go at your own pace and personalize your experiences


Yoga & Wellness

Connect with your inner self, awaken your senses, and welcome the day with a sunrise yoga session overlooking a scenic waterfront and manifest a renewed vibe - a great vibe.

Available on request


Hop on a kayak, glide across calm waters and reconnect with nature amidst a serene oasis of the mangroves of Jubail Island.

Available for staying guests only


Cycle along the mangroves and enjoy a scenic ride filled with spectacular views of the mangroves and Jubail Island's native birds

Available for staying guests only

Bird Watching

Observe the dispersal and migration patterns of exotic natives to Jubail Island in an untouched landscape.

Available for staying guests only

Private Dinners

Whether it's a family and friends only affair, sundown gathering or a romantic dinner under the stars, we're here to help you create the moments you've always dreamed of and memories that will last for a long time to come.

Private Events

Host your private event in a unique spot that is adapted to suit your needs and special occasion. Whether it's for a wedding, product launch, VIP or family event or any other occasion, we can work with you to celebrate and gather the people who matter to make lasting memories

Corporate Events

Break out of your regular business setting to a unique outdoor gathering space on your next corporate retreat. Get away with your team to reconnect and form new bonds at a perfect serene hideout.